James R. Dow


[Transcription begins]

Fort H. G. Wright, N.Y.
April 5, 1943.

Dear Bryant Friends,

Thanks so much for the delicious box of candyed [sic] peanuts. They were swell and need I add how immensely the boys + myself enjoyed them. Something like that is a real treat and when a bunch of ravenous buddies get wind of such a prize gift in your possession there is no such thing as hoading [sic].

Many things have happened here since my last letter to you. Many of my friends left last week for a long trip to Texas the good old State of Texas Bill Shaws whom is now I understand in the service too with a commissioned officer’s rating. I recall in his tax classes those vivid descriptions of the grand state of Texas which he punctually plugged every so often, as it was in this great vastness his home town was located and perhaps lost. From my own home town I can boast of Prof. Gulski and also Congressman Joe Martin. Perhaps we better not bring politics at this moment. At present I am the personnel clerk of the battery where wage and hour laws and forty eight hour weeks are unknown. Our motto is Expedite, or “Get it Out”. In our section we handle or prepare all applications for bonds, government insurance, family dependency applications, all allotments, the battery payroll and keep each Service Record up to date plus most other financial + administrative duties. I should like to tell you more but my time for writing correspondence is rather limited.

Thanks again for your swell gift and your thoughtfullness [sic].

Cpl. Jim Dow
Your Fellow Alumnus [Transcription ends]