[Transcription begins]

40 Broad Street
Boston, Mass.
February 2, 1943

Bryant Service Club
Bryant College
1 Young Orchard Avenue
Providence, R. I.


It is with deep regret that acknowledgement of receipt of your package has not been made before this time. However, there certainly must have been a delay in the delivery of this package as I did not receive it until January 18, 1943. In all probability this delay was caused within the Office at Boston, Mass., as has been the case in the past.

Nevertheless, the cigarettes were very much appreciated and many thanks for them. It is always nice to know that your old friends are thinking of you. I am rather fortunate in my present situation to have many old college friends here with me. It almost seems like the days back at Bryant.

Thank you again for the remembrance.

Yours very truly
Kenneth B. Hazard S.K. 1/c [Transcription ends]