Herman R. Rosen


[Transcription begins]


Dear Friends,

Thank you very much for the fine + very informative letter you sent. Such work as that done by the B.S.C. is greatly appreciated, I assure you.

Things are certainly happening fast at Bryant. Almost as fast as they’ve been happening to me!

My address has been changed. I’m now undergoing a pretty rugged schedule at Finance Officers Training School. My address is: Mr. Herman Rosen
Class 15-C
Fin. O.C.S.
Duke University
Durham, No. Car.

I’m really sorry that time doesn’t permit me to answer you in detail, but the pressure of our training here at this second West Point is too great + too intensive to allow for such things as spare time for letter writing.

However, I do appreciate your interest + will be very pleased to receive further news from you.

Kindest regards to the faculty + school.


Herman Rosen [Transcription ends]