Herman R. Rosen


[Transcription begins]

23 Dec. 1943
North Ireland

Dear Friends,

Happened to run across an article the other day that I thought might be of interest. You may already have heard the news, but I submit it with best intentions anyhow.

Lt. Michael Lada—whom I knew very well when he attended Bryant College evening classes (I was an assistant to the faculty then)—has been awarded the Air Medal for meritorious achievement in Libya as co-pilot of a bomber in that theater.

Mike and his brother Steve who also attended Bryant at the same time, were swell fellows and good students. Steve is also in the service.

There is no news from this corner of the world. Everything is going along just fine. I might just mention, though, that in my opinion the Irish are as friendly a people as can be found anywhere.

Best wishes for the New Year and every continued success in your fine work. May 1944 find it no longer necessary—and hostilities at an end. As they say here in the U.K.,

Herm Rosen [Transcription ends]