Herman R. Rosen


[Transcription begins]

5 Dec. 1943
North Ireland

Dear Friends,

Received a V-letter from you all just the other day, + want to thank you heartily for the news you sent. I really do believe your service club is performing a definite service + doing a darn good job.

A few spots of news for your interest as reported by Anie’s Irish Rose(n): About three weeks ago, who should walk into my office but my brother whom I had not seen since Dec. 7, 1941- nearly two years ago. The Lord has strange ways- taking me across the ocean to meet my brother. And just a few days ago- Roger Lambert, our Bill’s brother came into the office. I hadn’t known he was stationed right here with me, but was certainly pleased to see him + to learn about Bill’s G.I. experiences.

We’re working pretty hard over here, but I’m really enjoying it. Have my own little finance office + we’re operating per lessons learned at dear ole Bryant College!

My very best to all of the faculty who still remain. Keep up the good work + let’s hear from you again soon.


Herman Rosen [Transcription ends]