Manuscripts from 2014


Functional Analysis of SleC from Clostridium Difficile: An Essential Lytic Transglycosylase Involved in Spore Germination, Danielle Gutelius, Kirsten Hokeness, Susan M. Logan, and Christopher W. Reid


The Effects of Fungal Volatile Organic Compounds on Bone Marrow Stromal Cells, Kirsten Hokeness, Jacqueline Kratch, Christina Nadolny, Kristie Aicardi, and Christopher W. Reid

Manuscripts from 2012


Effects of Mold Exposure on Murine Splenic Leukocytes, K. Gorham and Kirsten Hokeness


Trace Metal Leaching and Bioavailability of Coal-Generated Fly Ash, Dan L. McNally, J. Crowley-Parmentier, and B. Whitman

Manuscripts from 2010


Using Python to Program LEGO MINDSTORMS Robots: The PyNXC Project, Brian S. Blais

Manuscripts from 2009


Effect of Correlated Lateral Geniculate Nucleus Firing Rates on Predictions for Monocular Eye Closure Versus Monocular Retinal Inactivation, Brian S. Blais, Leon N. Cooper, and Harel Z. Shouval


Regulation of Inflammatory Monocyte/Macrophage Recruitment from the Bone Marrow during Murine Cytomegalovirus Infection: Role for Type I Interferons in Localized Induction of CCR2 Ligands, Meredith J. Crane, Kirsten L. Hokeness-Antonelli, and Thais P. Salazar-Mather


Never Take Candy From a Stranger: The Role of the Bacterial Glycome in Host–pathogen Interactions, Christopher W. Reid, Kelly M. Fulton, and Susan M. Twine

Analysis of Bacterial Lipid-linked Oligosaccharides Intermediates Using Porous Graphitic Carbon Liquid Chromatography-electrospray Ionization Mass Spectrometry, Christopher W. Reid, Jacek Stupak, Christine M. Szymanski, and Jianjun Li


Motility and Flagellar Glycosylation in Clostridium Difficile, Susan W. Twine, Christopher W. Reid, Annie Aubry, David R. McMullin, Kelly M. Fulton, John Austin, and Susan M. Logan

Manuscripts from 2008

BCM Theory, Brian S. Blais and Leon N. Cooper


Recovery From Monocular Deprivation Using Binocular Deprivation: Experimental Observations and Theoretical Analysis, Brian S. Blais, Mikhail Y. Frenkel, Scott R. Kuindersma, Rahmat Muhammad, Harel Z. Shouval, Leon N. Cooper, and Mark F. Bear

Affinity-capture Tandem Mass Spectrometric Characterization of Polyprenyl-linked Oligosaccharides: A Novel Tool to Study Protein N-glycosylation Pathways, Christopher W. Reid, Jacek Stupak, Christine M. Szymanski, Jianjun Li, Mark M. Chen, and Barbara Imperiali


Lytic Transglycosylases: Bacterial Space-making Autolysins, Edie Scheurwater, Christopher W. Reid, and Anthony J. Clarke

Manuscripts from 2007

Polyisoprenol Specificity in the Campylobacter Jejuni N-linked Glycosylation Pathway, Mark M. Chen, Eranthie Weerapana, Ewa Ciepichal, Jacek Stupak, Christopher W. Reid, Ewa Swiezewska, and Barbara Imperiali


IFN-alpha beta Mediated Inflammatory Responses and Antiviral Defense in Liver Is TLR9-Independent but MyD88-Dependent During Murine Cytomegalovirus Infection, Kirsten L. Hokeness-Antonelli, Meredith J. Crane, Ana M. Dragoi, Wen-Ming Chu, and Thais P. Salazar-Mather


Teaching Bayesian Model Comparision with the Three-Sided Coin, Scott R. Kuindersma and Brian S. Blais

Role of Ser216 in the Mechanism of Action of Membrane-bound Lytic Transglycosylase B: Further Evidence for Substrate-assisted Catalysis, Christopher W. Reid, Blaine A. Legaree, and Anthony J. Clarke

Manuscripts from 2006

Role of Arginine Residues in the Active Site of the Membrane-Bound Lytic Transglycosylase B from Pseudomonas Aeruginosa, Christopher W. Reid, Neil T. Blackburn, and Anthony J. Clarke

Manuscripts from 2005


Monocyte Chemoattractant Protein-1 and CCR2 Interactions Are Required for IFN-α/β-Induced Inflammatory Responses and Antiviral Defense in Liver, Kirsten L. Hokeness-Antonelli, William A. Kuziel, Christine A. Biron, and Thais P. Salazar-Mather

Did An Extensive Forest Ever Develop on the Chinese Loess Plateau During the Past 130 Ka?: A Test Using Soil Carbon Isotopic Signatures, Weiguo Liu, Hong Yang, Yunning Cao, Youfeng Ning, Li Li, Jie Zhou, and Zhisheng An

The Miocene Clarkia Fossil Deposit, Hong Yang, Derek E.G. Briggs, and William C. Rember

Biomolecular Preservation of Tertiary Metasequoia Fossil Lagerstätten Revealed by Comparative Pyrolysis Analysis, Hong Yang, Yongsong Huang, Qin Leng, Ben A. LePage, and Christopher J. Williams

Manuscripts from 2004


The Effect of NAG–thiazoline on Morphology and Surface Hydrophobicity of Escherichia Coli, Christopher W. Reid, N. T. Blackburn, and Anthony J. Clarke

Inhibition of Membrane-bound Lytic Transglycosylase B by NAG-thiazoline, Christopher W. Reid, N. T. Blackburn, Blaine A. Legaree, F. I. Auzanneau, and Anthony J. Clarke

Substrate Binding Affinity of Pseudomonas Aeruginosa Membrane-Bound Lytic Transglycosylase B by Hydrogen−Deuterium Exchange MALDI MS, Christopher W. Reid, Dyanne Brewer, and Anthony J. Clarke


Synaptic Homeostasis and Input Selectivity Follow From a Calcium-Dependent Plasticity Model, Luk C. Yeung, Harel Z. Shouval, Brian S. Blais, and Leon N. Cooper

Manuscripts from 2003

A Programmable $25 Thermal Cycler for PCR, David F. Betsch and Brian S. Blais


Teaching Energy Balance Using Round Numbers: A Quantitative Approach to the Greenhouse Effect and Global Warming, Brian S. Blais


Vernal Pools: Nature's Laboratory, Gaytha A. Langlois

Transforming Educational and Business Practices in Belarus: Collaborative Learning at a Distance, Gaytha A. Langlois, Judy Barrett Litoff, and Joseph A. Ilacqua

Calcium as the Associative Signal For a Model of Hebbian Plasticity: Application to Multi-input Environments, Luk C. Yeung, Brian S. Blais, Leon N. Cooper, and Harel Z. Shouval


Selectivity and Metaplasticity in a Unified Calcium-Dependent Model, Luk C. Yeung, Brian S. Blais, Leon N. Cooper, and Harel Z. Shouval

Manuscripts from 2002

Preparation of 1-[N-benzyloxycarbonyl-(1S)-1-amino-2-oxoethyl]-4-methyl-2,6,7-trioxabicylo[2.2.2]octane, Nicholas G. W. Rose, Mark A. Blaskovich, Ghotas Evindar, Scott Wilkinson, Yue Luo, Dan Fishlock, Christopher W. Reid, and Gilles A. Lajoie

Converging Evidence for a Simplified Biophysical Model of Synaptic Plasticity, Harel Z. Shouval, Gastone C. Castellani, Brian S. Blais, Luk C. Yeung, and Leon N. Cooper

Manuscripts from 2000


Formation of Direction Selectivity in Natural Scene Environments, Brian S. Blais, Leon N. Cooper, and Harel Z. Shouval

Statistics of Lateral Geniculate Nucleus (LGN) Activity Determine the Segregation of ON/OFF Subfields for Simple Cells in Visual Cortex, Ann B. Lee, Brian S. Blais, Harel Z. Shouval, and Leon N. Cooper

Absence or Reduction of Carbonic Anhydrase II in the Red Cells of the Beluga Whale and Llama: Implications for Adaptation to Hypoxia, Hong Yang, David Hewett-Emmett, and Richard E. Tashian

Manuscripts from 1999

D1S80 PCR with the $25 thermal cycler, David F. Betsch and Jeff Berard

The Role of Presynaptic Activity in Monocular Deprivation: Comparison of Homosynaptic Mechanisms, Brian S. Blais, Harel Z. Shouval, and Leon N. Cooper

Biodegration of Mixtures of Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons Under Aerobic and Nitrate-reducing Conditions, Dan L. McNally, James R. Mihelcic, and Donald R. Lueking

Manuscripts from 1998


Receptive Field Formation in Natural Scene Environments: Comparison of Single Cell Learning Rules, Brian S. Blais, N. Intrator, Harel Z. Shouval, and Leon N. Cooper

Biodegradation of Three-and Four-ring Polycyclic aromatic Hydrocarbons Under Aerobic and Denitrifying Conditions, Dan L. McNally, James R. Mihelcic, and Donald R. Lueking

Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbon Degrading Microorganisms in Great Lakes Sediments, Dan L. McNally, James R. Mihelcic, and Donald R. Lueking

Manuscripts from 1997

Symposium Introductory Remarks: "Protistan Predation Dynamics", Gaytha A. Langlois and D. W. Coats

Manuscripts from 1992

Thermally and Optically Stimulated Exoelectron Emission from an Electron‐beam Irradiated Glass–ceramic Material, D. L. Carroll, D. L. Doering, and Brian S. Blais