Manuscripts from 2012


Oath of Office vs. the Pledge, Larry Witner and Ron Washburn

Manuscripts from 2007


Addressing the Low Returns to Education of African Born Immigrants in the United States, Jongsung Kim and Francis Kemegue

Manuscripts from 2005

Encouraging Customer Adoption of Self-Service Technologies: Put a Little Fun in Their Lives, James M. Curran

Banneker Industries, Inc. - "Your Strategic Sourcing Solution", Christopher Roethlein and Cheryl Watkins Snead

Radio Frequency Identification Applications in Health Care, Angela M. Wicks, John K. Visich, and Suhong Li

Manuscripts from 2004

Examining Student Reactions to Class Experiences: An Analysis Using Structural Equation Modeling , James M. Curran

IT Enablers and Partner Relationship, the Keys to the Practices of Supply Chain Management, Suhong Li, Subba Rao, T. S. Ragu-Nathan, and Bhana Ragu-Nathan

Radio Frequency Identification: Supply Chain Impact and Implementation Challenges, Suhong Li and John K. Visich

An Examination of Similarity in the Subervisor-Subordinate DYAD as a Predictor of Psychological Contract Breach , Mark M. Suazo, William H. Turnley, and Renate R. Mai-Dalton

An Empirical Comparison of Objective Functions for the Mixed-Model U-Shaped Assembly Line, John K. Visich

A Psychologically-Based Definition of Customer Satisfaction, Angela M. Wicks, Elizabeth Anderson-Fletcher, and Wynn E. Chin

Definitions of the Antecedents of Patient Satisfaction for an Ambulatory Surgery Center, Angela M. Wicks, Elizabeth Anderson-Fletcher, and Wynn E. Chin

Utilizing the Service Transaction Analysis Method in a Real-World Service Operations Project, Angela M. Wicks and John K. Visich

Manuscripts from 2003

The Impact of Options on Stock Price Performance Around the Expiration of Share Lockup Provisions, Asli Ascioglu, David Louton, and David C. Ketcham

Predictive Analysis for Leveraging Product Sales Performance, Richard Glass

U.S. Gender Occupational Segregation and Earnings Gap in the 1990s, Jongsung Kim

An Empirical Investigation of Student Perception and Selection of a CIS Minor Program in the College of Business, Suhong Li, Harold A. Records, and Kenneth T. Fougere

Sex and Gambling Online: Internet Abuse in the Workplace, Harsh K. Luthar, Janet Morahan-Martin, and Anthony M. Townsend


The Ascent to Manufacturing Competitiveness: Defense Firms vs. Non-Defense Firm, Margaret A. Noble

Predicting the Output of a Tube-bending Process: A Case Study, Christopher Roethlein, Paul Mangiameli, and Shaw K. Chen

An Examination of Psychological Contract Violation and Its Effect on Work Outcomes, Mark M. Suazo

Methods and Tools for Teaching Operations Management, John K. Visich and Basheer M. Khumawala


Infant Object Mastery in the Home: A Robust Phenomenon, Nanci Weinberger

Securing Information Sharing in Internet-Based Supply Chain Management Systems, Chen Zhang and Suhong Li

Manuscripts from 2002

Cyprus As Victim: Reflections after 25 Years on the Past and Future of Aphrodite's Isle, Glen D. Camp

Substituting Bonding for Monitoring in New Venture - Venture Capitalist Relationships? A Two Edged Sword, Juan M. Florin

Putting Your Best Foot Forward: Steps to High IPO Valuations, Juan M. Florin, Michael Lubatkin, and William Schultze

Small Business and the World Wide Web: A New Way of Doing Business for the New Millennium, Kenneth T. Fougere, Robert Behling, and Douglas Jobling

Cultural Insights to Justice: A Theoretical Perspective Through A Subjective Lens, Ranjan Karri and Cam Caldwell

Returns to College Education: Analysis on Hispanic Workers, Jongsung Kim

An Empirical Investigation of Supply Chain Management Practices , Suhong Li

The Impact of Supply Chain Management Practices on Competitive Advantage and Organizational Performance , Suhong Li

DOTA's Software Engineering Group: Two Part Case, Harsh K. Luthar

How Was Your Session at the Writing Center? Pre- and Post- Grade Evaluations , Julie Bauer Morrison and Jean-Paul Nadeau

Are Bodies Special?, Julie Bauer Morrison and Barbara Tversky


The Metamorphosis of the Defense Industry, Margaret A. Noble

Sales Forecast in a Personal Selling Intensive Industry: An Empirical Analysis of the Repeat Purchase Diffusion Model, Alphonso Ogbuehi, Franklin Carter, and Carol M. Motley

Teaching Digital Multimedia as a Component of Business Education , Harold A. Records and Ronald E. Pitt

Components of Manufacturing Strategy within Levels of U.S. Manufacturing Supply Chains, Christopher Roethlein

Inter-organizational Effects of Quality on a Connected Supply Chain: An Exploratory Case Study, Christopher Roethlein

Will the Evolution of Information and Terrorism Affect Supply Chain Management?, Christopher Roethlein

Leadership Theories are a Product of Their Time: A Historical Review Of 20th Century Leadership Theories, Mark M. Suazo

Operations Management Curriculum: Literature Review and Analysis, John K. Visich and Basheer M. Khumawala

A Psychologically-Based Framework for the Measurement of Customer Satisfaction in Service Operations, Angela M. Wicks

Preservation of lipid hydrogen isotopes ratios in Miocene lacustrine sediments and plant fossils at Clarkia, northern Idaho, USA, Hong Yang and Yongsong Huang

Manuscripts from 2001

Price Experimentation with Depth in a Specialist Market, Asli Ascioglu

Examining the Role of Innovation Diffusion Factors on the Implementation Success of Enterprise Resource Planning Systems , Marianne Bradford

Investigation of Factors that Influence the Adoption of the Web in E-Learning Environments, Abhijit Chaudhury

Intentions to Use Technology-Based Customer Interfaces in Service Delivery, James M. Curran

Reconceptualizing Trust: An Evolutionary Process Model, James M. Curran

Understanding Consumer Attitudes Toward Technologies Used for Service Delivery: An Examination of Influential Factors, James M. Curran

Growth Strategy, Firm, and Founder Performance in High-Growth New Ventures, Juan M. Florin

Selling to a Market of One: Price Discrimination in E-retailing, Ranjan Karri

The Four Umpires: A Paradigm for Ethical Leadership, Ranjan Karri

Awakening of the New Gender Earnings Gap: A Study of the 1990's Economic Expansion in the U.S. Labor Market, Jongsung Kim

Animation: Can It Facilitate?, Julie Bauer Morrison

Coming to Terms with Industry-Sponsored Public Policy Research: A Case Study Involving Controversial Issues in Tobacco Advertising, Keith B. Murray

Adjusting Positive Earnings Forecasts for Bias: A Multiple Discriminant Analysis Approach, Hakan Saraoglu

What Role Do International Funds Play in Your Mutual Funds Portfolio?, Hakan Saraoglu


Transformational Leadership and Mentoring: Theoretical Links and Practical Implications, Lynda St. Clair and Ronald J. Deluga

Manuscripts from 2000

Gun Control: No Straight Lines in the Data, Gregg Lee Carter

The Internet, Value Chain Visibility and Learning, Abhijit Chaudhury

A Reexamination of the Determinants of Patient Satisfaction with Health Care Service Encounters, James M. Curran

Make Corporate Social Responsibility Make Marketing Management Sense, Keith B. Murray

Teaching Dynamic Processes in Finance: How Can We Prepare Students for an Age of Rapid and Continual Chance?, Hakan Saraoglu, Elizabeth Yobaccio, and David Louton

Electronic Commerce: An Examination of Skills for a Successful Developer, Kenneth Sousa and Kenneth T. Fougere


Organizational Attachment: Exploring the Psychodynamics of the Employment Relationship, Lynda St. Clair