WWII;S. E. Eddie Aaron

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Cpl. S. E. Aaron
29th Station Hospital
APO-512, c/o Postmaster
New York, N.Y.

April 5, 1943

U. S. A.

Dear Members of the Bryant Service Club,

I have just received your letter of March 14th and am thoroughly ashamed because of my procrastination. I can appreciate the work you are doing in sending packages to the boys and keeping in contact with them as a tremendous task. I expected to find the inside of the letter mimeographed and on finding it typewritten a vision of the typing classes sweating out letters to people that they do not know instantly flooded into my mind. Whether or not my vision was correct, many thanks to the ones who accomplished the task.

Thanks for the carton of cigaretts [sic]. They have fully served their purpose. I’m not going to request a package from you because the army has done such a wonderful job in supplying the soldiers in this N. African campaign that the few items that we need or even consider luxuries have been acquired for us. Send them to the boys who really need them.

What I have seen of the country is rugged, beautiful and fertile. It contains a mixture of the old and the new. Antiquated methods of farming, manufacture and transportation are sharply contrasted with modern methods. Tatood [sic], barefooted, veiled Arabian women mix with the French in modern dress. In many cases women’s styles far surpass anything that I have ever seen at home. It is a garden all the year around. Through the entire winter citrus fruits are harvested and flowers are in bloom. Right now the Easter Lilly is beautiful.

Regards to Mr. Jacobs and those illustrious professors who knew and remember me.

Yours for Victory
Eddie Aaron
[Transcription ends]