WWII;Frank T. Addario

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January 9, 1944

Sunday, 9:20 PM.

Dear Friends of Bryant:

It was a pleasure indeed to hear from you again. I have been traveling about the country quite a bit, seeing most of our nation through a train window. At the present time, I am stationed here at the Campbell Army Air Base in Kentucky. July and August were spent going through a desert manuever [sic] under the extremely warm sun of Arizona. La Guna, Arizona to be more definite. We were actually fighting three enemies there, the Red Army, the rattlesnakes and the scorpions. Temperatures reached as high as 154 degrees with the usual temperature varying between 135-145°. It was wonderful experience for hardships to come. From Arizona we headed for North Carolina. After but three weeks there, we were on our way again. We have been manuevering [sic] here for two months now and we are thoroughly accustomed to all kind of conditions. The boys are anxious to make the big move across the water. We will have to wait for Uncle Sam's orders however. I have kept in contact with several of the friends made at Bryant. All are doing very well and all of them, sometime or another, mentioned the Bryant Service Club. We want you to know that we deeply appreciate your efforts and we all hope to visit our grand school again someday. To all you students at Bryant, I want to say, Thanks a million for the fine spirit shown and keep up the good work, all of you.

Cpl Frank Addario.
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