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Honestly Darling –

You can’t imagine how glad I was to hear that you had a broken rib. I mean just the fact that you still had a rib to be broken was so wonderful. Gordon came home with a rumor that you’d been killed. So Mrs. Blood called to find out the worst from Edith. She came over to find out when I’d last heard, and told me that (Gordon said maybe) you’d been badly hurt. I was a sick cookie for a while (Sunday) but Monday when I got to work I looked so horrible that Mr. Curran got the story & immediately called A.G.O. who stated that you’d never been a casualty or in an accident. That helped matters a lot, Watson spent a day at A.G.O. too, & found out the same thing. It wasn’t until then that Edith told me he said you’d been killed not hurt...

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