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World War ll;Correspondence;Work;Camaraderie of War Wives;Censor's Marks;Letting Hair Down;Readjustment;Weather;Aviation;Mail as a morale builder


Hi My True Love –

I hope I won’t startle you too much, but I’m writing to tell you that I leave Washington the 18th to report for duty Nov. 1 at the Cold Weather Testing Detachment, Ladd Field, Fairbanks, Alaska. I know it will probably seem that this time I’m chasing you a little too far, but I hope you won’t be too disgruntled.

It was just about a week ago that I heard of the chance—and after that I had to overcome all sorts of obstacles—such as being only twenty, not being a stenographer, but they told me yestryday [sic] that I was one of the twelve to go...

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