World War II;Laurence J. Barbeau

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Laurence J. Barbeau
Seaman 2/c
Group II School (Quartermaster)
School Company 1553
Newport, R. I.

31 July, 1942

Bryant College Service Club
Bryant College
Providence, R. I.

Dear Friends:--

Many thanks for your appreciated letter and copy of “On the Campus” which I received today. It sure seemed good to hear those familiar names again and almost made me wish that I were back with you again, but I wouldn’t give up the Navy for any amount of money.

After finishing my “boot training,” a period of five weeks, I was transferred to the Sea Unit and now I am settled in school (again) for four months. Although it isn’t what I had hoped to get I am entirely satisfied because it is a much better rating. So--

Being slightly limited on time I will have to close for now. Well, here’s wishing the Bryant Service Club many successes and I hope that all of the other alumnus feel the way that I do about the club. It’s tops!

Best of Luck from the Navy,
Laurence J. Barbeau
Seaman 2/c

P.S. More school tonight so I can learn how to rid the country of these “so-called” Nazis and Japs. So-called because what I think of them can’t be said by young ladies.

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