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Pvt. Geo. A. Barsalou
3262 Co. 612 O.B.A.M. Bn.
A.P.O. 582 c/o PM NY NY
April 29th, 1944.

Bryant Service Club
1 Young Orchard Ave.,
Providence 6, R.I.

Dear Bryant Service Club.

In answer to your “Easter Greetings” letter which I received about a week ago. It was most enjoyable to hear from you once again. I wish to take this opportunity to thank you for your package. It goes without saying that every former Bryant student appreciates what the Bryant Service Club is doing for the morale of it’s [sic] students serving in the Armed Forces.

I have changed outfits since my last visit in September, this change took place at the Pos. Shortly before we were to embark, I fell sick and my outfit was forced to leave me behind. There were two Bryant men with me in this outfit, Jimmy Dunn, and Willie Bander. Since I’ve been over here however, I’ve had the good fortune of running into them. It was a treat to meet up with them again. While I was at the Replacement Pool at Myles Standish, I had the opportunity of visiting my Bryant friends on several occasions. I was also present at the “Tau Ep” formal where I met Mr & Mrs Gulsky.

It was comforting news to here of Gene Schmidt’s safety in your last letter. Although I was not one of Gene’s class, I had the pleasure of living with him while going to Bryant. He left shortly before I did. Another interesting item in your letter was that of Lucille Kida being elected Snow Queen. It was especially interesting to me as she is from my home town.

It seems Bryant is well represented in the Service. In my present outfit, I ran across a S/Sgt Sullivan from Providence who is a Bryant graduate, class of “37”. The way we happened to meet is that one day he noticed the post mark on one of your packages I had just received. We had an interestin [sic] chat about Bryant and the pleasant times we had there.

As they say in the Army, it is time for chow and consequently time for me to sign off. Once a gain I thank you for your packages and letters. I will always be glad to hear from you. Keep em [sic] coming.

Yours truly,
Al Barsalou
Al Barsalou “44”

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