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Sept. 16, 1943

Dear Bryant,

I was very pleased to receive your letter and especially the addresses of many of the fellows with whom I've lost all contact with. Perhaps I can supply some information to some of the fellows on the list--Ed Rosner is now a Sgt. and still at Fort Jackson, S. C. and Don Roshenstein's [?] address is Btry A, 102nd, C. A. Trg Bn, Camp McQuaide, Calif. and as you can see I'm no longer at Wake Forest, N. C.

Upon my graduation from Army Finance School I was sent to Jefferson Barracks in an ORTC unit. We're now training for overseas replacements in our respective fields and I can assure the program is tough. During the past two weeks we've marched almost 55 miles, fired a carbine all day, slept in tents for two nights (and boy! was it cold!!!), and had several problems where we had to crawl on our stomachs through the grass for long distances. However, it is for our own benefit; admitedly [sic] it's tough, but we'll never be sorry we had all of it!

We're just a half hour's ride from St. Louis and the town really treats the serviceman royally. There's nothing to ask for--all kinds of facilities, entertainments, exhibits are all free and the people are the kindest and most considerate of any I've known since I've been in the Army.

Please give my regards to the student body and the faculty, and keep up the good work, Bryant.


Bob Bernstein,'42
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