Virginia Besaw


World War II

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Co. 3, Rec. & Sta. Bn
Ft. Des Moines, Ia.

19 December 1943

Bryant Service Club
Providence, R.I.

Dear Club Members--

How nice to hear from you! Your letter pleased me in letting me know I was included in the Bryant Club. I received your package and it was most welcome--by me and others in the barracks.

You might like to know that the Post Office has inquired about another package from you, addressed to me, of which only the label was received. It was not from the same box I received as the insurance numbers were different.

It was indeed good to hear again of the people I used to know--Lt. Hammond, Miss Krupa and others--and to hear of the safety of some of the alumni. Would that they could all return!

My army life is yet too new to include any exciting experiences, but I have enjoyed every minute of it. My assignment as a member of cadre will, I believe, keep me here at the Post for quite some time. Your “newsy” letters will keep me posted on the happenings at Bryant while I am away.

Thank you again for your gift, and Merry Christmas to you all.


Virginia Besaw, ‘38
Pvt., W.A.C.

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