Rudy A. Bigda


World War II; Rudolph Alexander Bigda


[Transcription begins]

August 3, 1943

Dear Members,

It was with pleasure and pride and the most sincere appreciation that I received today, your latest bulletin dated May 30th. It relieves the tension of these trying days in knowing that others are thinking of us and appreciate our efforts whatever our tasks may be.

Although I am still in the good old U.S., I can safely say that I can contest the travel record of any of the Bryant Alumni in so far as American travel is concerned. Since leaving Camp Lee, the address you had me listed at in “Where They Are”, I have been in 22 states in 3 months – on continual maneuvers – not stopping in any one place for more than 9 days and living the most of this time under simulated combat conditions, such as shelter halves, no bathing facilities, no lights, etc. However, this life is very healthy indeed and so far I have no real regrets. My chief gripe to date has been the fact that I haven’t left for an actual theatre of operations.

On July 19th I was ordered to this post to pursue an Automotive Course in conjunction with my duties as a motor officer with my company the 2098th QM Trk Co (Am.), which when I left it to attend this school, was in Georgia, but is now somewhere in Tennessee. I will graduate on Aug. 14th and rejoin them at that time.

I have received the package you so kindly sent on May 28th, and had acknowledged the receipt while in Kentucky, however, I will affirm the receipt along with my most sincere thanks for your thoughtfulness. In new of the fact that I am rather busy + must be up at 3:00 AM to assist in running a practice convoy, I will close here with deepest appreciation and thanks to each and every one of you for your thoughtfulness. I only hope that the day is not far off that I may personally thank you all.


Lt. R. A. Bigda
2nd Lt., QM Co. [Transcription ends]