Rudy A. Bigda


Bryant moved from downtown Providence (Fountain Street at Union) to the East side of Providence in September 1935 thus Rudy's references to the "old" and "new" Bryant.


World War II;Rudolph A. Bigda


[Transcription begins]

Washington, D.C.

July 27, 1942

Bryant Service Club
Bryant College
Providence, Rhode Island

Future alumni:

It was certainly with a feeling of guilt that I opened your thoughtful and generous gift. For, as you know, I have been very lax in keeping you informed as to my occupation and whereabouts for the last few years, although I have received, and read with avid interest, every single item in our Bryant News. It seems that I had a feeling, which was dispelled today, that we of the old Bryant werenot [sic] as integral a part of your organization, as the present students and graduates of the new Bryant.

Words fail to express my appreciation of the good-fellowship evidenced by the present classes, and evidently they are just as good a “gang” as the one that graduated in ’35.

I surely hope that they all fully appreciate the excellent facilities and opportunities afforded them at the new Bryant, which I was privileged to visit, as much as we of ’35 appreciated the old Bryant.

Thanks again and best wishes to the faculty and students of “our” Bryant College.


R.A. Bigda [handwritten signature]
Sgt. R. A. Bigda
Commissary Acctg. Dept. [Transcription ends]