Bryant Literary Review

Volume 3 (2002)

Editor's Note

Life is a curious thing. That is why it is always good to assess and reassess things of importance like assets, assumptions, motives, direction, love, timing and so on. Nobody can truly consider every aspect of every variable of every situation in every possible intelligent way. The way you do think in these situations is almost certainly different from how any other random human would react. This is true with every aspect of the ways we live our lives; we are all unique individuals who share one thing, and that is life on Earth. So, within the moment of your next conscious breath, reassess you reason “why,” and think about your situation. There is a chance that you could be the first person to do what you might make yourself do- and that could be cool. Conversely, what if you are the six billionth human in history to do what you’re ready to do? Would knowing something life this deter you? Would it spur you on?

Such is the written word. Nothing in history has been more prolifically attempted than the simple effort of inscribing a story, or a thought, or an opinion, or an expression of a feeling onto some form of transmissible medium.

It is my pleasure to welcome you to the third edition of the Bryant Literary Review. As the student editor, I would personally like to thank every contributor as well as all those whose work could not be accepted for publication in this issue. Without the assistance of The Pawtucket Times, The Woonsocket Call, Bryant College Academic Affairs Division, Institutional Advancement Division, the Department of English and Humanities, and the Faculty Development Center, this selection of artistic expression would not have been able to be.

Thank you and Enjoy,
Robert Diehm
Student Editor


Tom Chandler
Fiction Editor
Mary Prescott
Managing Editor
Ron Pitt
Associate Editor
Janet Proulx
Student Editor
Robert Diehm
Student Editorial Assistant
Melanie Ferrara

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