Bryant Literary Review

Volume 7 (2006)

Editor's Note

The world evolves. Each day, each week, each year brings something new to its history. Likewise, our emotions evolve, as each moment captures a variety of feelings, all triggered by, and reflecting the experiences of, our individual lives. We take in our emotions. We act upon our emotions. We learn from our emotions; and in turn, our emotions help to shape the person we are and who we will become.

As consequences of our distinct emotional lives, we, although all human, view events so differently. Similar situations may evoke quite asymmetrical emotions in two people. The same piece of work, when shown to two different people, may trigger wholly different associations.

This is why I am both excited and honored to introduce you to the seventh edition of the Bryant Literary Review. I invite you to read, and reread, each poem and story. In doing so, I hope new meanings, previously undiscovered, will emerge out of the blanket of words, for there are countless interpretations. It lies within you, the reader, however, to decide what you will make of each piece.

On behalf of the Bryant Literary Review staff, I would like to thank all the contributors to this issue, as well as those who submitted work but could not be published at this time. Special thanks extend to The Pawtucket Times and Woonsocket Call, as well as to Bryant University’s Academic Affairs and University Advancement Divisions, and the English and Cultural Studies Department. With their help and collaboration, the BLR has embraced yet another year of success and advancement.

Escape and enjoy,
Julie Keang
Student Editor


Tom Chandler
Poetry Editor
Tad Davies
Fiction Editor
Nora Barry
Managing Editor
M.J. Kim
Associate Editor
Lucie Koretsky
Student Editor
Julie Keang

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"Bo's Bulls" by Bob Remington