Letter Written by Herbert A. Bonn to the Bryant College Service Club Dated April 14, 1944

Herbert A. Bonn


[Transcription begins]

Pfc Herbert Allen Bonn, ASN 31245485
Detachment Medical Department
AAF Regional Station Hospital #1
Coral Gables 34, Florida

April 14, 1944

Bryant College
Hope Street
Providence, R.I.

Dear Future Alumni,

I sure was very, very pleased last night when I received a very delicious box of candy from you-all (Southern dialect!). Of course, it goes without saying that I took it to the office today and shared it with everyone, telling them that it was tangible proof that I hadn’t been forgotten by those back home. Bryant College is gaining quite a reputation amongst the folks down here.

As a matter of very slight interest, you may note hat I have advanced just one small peg in the army scale of things. Henry L. Babcock, Bryant ’38, was down here for a spell and shipped to some camp in California. Westerly is his home town.

Please, as an addition favor to me, keep a sharp eye on my brother Norman who is now a student at your college.

Thank you again,
H. Allen Bonn

[Transcription ends]