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Pfc Herbert A. Bonn, 31245485
Pancoast Hospital
1075th AAF Base Unit, Sec C
Miami Beach 40, Florida

15 December 1944

Merry Christmas, Students!!

You all sure helped to make mine a Merry Christmas by sending me such a lovely box of candy and following it up with a most informative news-letter. Thanks, loads, for all you are doing for just plain me. The helluvit all is just that you do so much for me in a personal way and I've no way of expressing my appreciation to each of you as an individual. For all this, I'd like to heartly [sic] shake the hand of each male student and give (perhaps receive?) a great big hug and kiss. Gosh, guess I'm in favor of this anyway!

Seriously, I sure was please[d] to receive this wonderful box of candies from my alma mater at this time of year. Holding the gift for a few days just to show that I've not been completely forgotten. With the passing of time, my mail has dwindled down to a letter a week, sometimes two. It looked for a while as though I have more of a barren than a white Christmas. All this has changed.

About six months ago I met a graduate from Bryant, a 1st Lt Babcock, '37, who hails from Westerly, R.I. To the best of my knowledge, he was en route overseas.

For myself, I'm stationed here in the Statistical Control Office calculating charts, graphs, and reports. Interesting and exacting work.

Once again, thank you, and------
Herbert Allen Bonn
[Transcription ends]