Ben Scuda

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A.P.O. 694
c/o Postmaster N.Y. N.Y.
July 4, 1943

Greetings to Bryant Faculty + Students,

A few days ago I received a V-Mail letter from the Bryant Service Club with news about some of the fellows I knew well. Who will forget B. J. Scuda of the Green Mountain State. I was wondering what had happened to him as I head before that he was missing. It was a fine surprise to learn that he floated around in one of those rafts, (similar to those that are made in my home town) and was picked up from an island two weeks later. Every flier who gets caught in some accident and manages to save himself and still has his nerve to fly again keeps the roster of fliers from declining.

Some of the news wasn’t so pleasant but even in normal times we must take the chaff with the wheat and at present there seems to be more chaff.

Anthony F. Bowler 1942.

P.S. Hit those exams, students.

A. F. Bowler, Jr.

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