World War II


[Transcription begins]


December 11, 1942

Bryant Service Club
Bryant College
Providence, Rhode Island


This is to advise you that I have changed, or have had a change in my Army address, to Hq. & Hq. Battery, Field Artillery Replacement Training Center, Fort Sill, Oklahoma, and now have a Corporal rating. However, please let me remind you again, that all communications should be directed to me as follows, and never to an Army address:
W. E. Brahmer
c/o Mrs. L. H. Winell
Zillock Road, R.R. #1,
San Benito, Texas
Personal - Please Forward

Please mark your records accordingly, as well as check to be sure that the College Administration Records are marked accordingly. Too much mail goes astray in the Army, and I just want to be sure that I get all mine.

By the way, I have not received the Bryant paper for about six or seven months, so I am wondering if that has gone astray, or haven’t they printed one in the past half year? Please advise me, and send me any late issues.

I wrote you last when I wrote to thank you for having the two “flat fifty” Camel cigarettes sent to me. I trust that my letter was received, as I did want to thank you kind folks for sending the cigarettes.

You are doing a fine job, and I know that it is sincerely appreciated by the boys.

Please remember, when you or anyone at the School want to get in touch with me, please always write me at my permanent mail address in Texas, as stated above. That will insure [sic] safe receipt of letters, etc.

I wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Most Happy New Year.

Most sincerely,
W. E. Brahmer
Class of 1935

[Transcription ends]