World War II


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Permanent Mail Address

c/o Mrs. L. H. Winell
Zillock Road, R.R. #1,
San Benito, Texas

Camp Chaffee, Arkansas
22 January 1944

Bryant Service Club
c/o Bryant College
Providence, Rhode Island

Dear Friends:

Just a note to advise you that I received your letter last month in December, and enjoyed getting the school news again.

In this letter you advised that the Club was sending a B.S.C. Christmas package, and asked for acknowledgment of receipt of same. To date I have not received the mentioned package, which evidently was lost in the mail. As you know by looking at your club records on me, I have requested that all correspondence, packages, etc., be sent to me only at my Permanent Mail Address (home) listed above. I have contacted my folks regarding this package, and they advise that they have never received it to forward on to me.

I advise you of this only so that you may check the records to find out if the package was missent [sic], so that this would not occur again, as I know the Club is desirous not to pay for something and then not have the benefit of their purchases. The Bryant Service Club is doing such a marvelous job, and their efforts are surely appreciated by every man in the service, and I want you all to know that I personally sincerely appreciate every kindness.

Please check all records, BSC records, and the school and any other records, and please be sure that my permanent mail address is listed and no other address (i.e. an Army address, which are [sic] too uncertain) as follows:
W. E. Brahmer
c/o Mrs. L. H. Winell
Zillock Road, R.R. #1,
San Benito, Texas
Personal--Please Forward

Thanks again for all past favors and kind thoughts, and I send my kindest personal regards and best wishes to you all.

Most Sincerely,
W. E. Brahmer

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