World War II;W. E. Brahmer

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Fort Sill, Oklahoma
January 2, 1942

The Bryant Service Club
Bryant College
Providence, Rhode Island

Dear Friends:

Just a note to advise you that the two flat fifty Camel cigarette packs reached me on December 31, having been forwarded to me from a former Army address namely, from Battery B, 33 Bn., 8th Training Regiment, F. A. R. T. C., Fort Sill, Oklahoma, to my present army address of Hq. & Hq. Battery, F. A. R. T. C., Fort Sill, Oklahoma.

Please check a recent letter however, in which I gave you my Permanent Mail Address as follows:

W. E. Brahmer
c/o Mrs. L. H. Winell
Zillock Road, R. R. # 1,
San Benito, Texas


All letters, Alumni bulletin, etc., I request will always be sent to me at my Texas address. If anything else should be sent to me, please verify my Army address first before sending, by writing me a note at my Texas address. I have had eight Army addresses in a little over nine months, so it is better I find to always me at my Texas address.

I want to again send my thanks to all for the Camel cigarettes, and want each of you to know that the cigarettes reached me safely, in good condition, and that I do sincerely appreciate what you all are doing. So many are doing fine things for the boys in the service, and we all do appreciate what is being done, and believe me, it certainly helps.

Again my thanks, and best wishes to you all.

Most sincerely,
W. E. Brahmer
[Transcription ends]