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Dear Alumni,

First of all I want to apologize for not writing or answering any of your letters. You see around the first of August, I left the states for overseas duty and after some 2 ½ months I finally arrived at my destination, some where in India. The land of enchantment and untold mysteries, with its mystic beauties, sets a throb in any travelers heart. All of the boys over here have found India an unforeseen paradise. India at dawn, India at dusk never loses its magnificence as the sun slowly rises or sets in the sky over this picturesque land.

When I did get here I had a bundle of mail 1 foot high. Your letter was on top, although I did not know it was yours. It was put in a war tmpt. envelope because it had so many different addresses on it. It followed me from Ft. Harrison, Ind. to Homestead, Fla, then to Miami, then up to New York, where it was sent overseas.

It was wonderful news hearing about those Bryant fellows who were found after reported missing. We all hope and pray that many more of our boys missing in action will be found. Thanks a log for the list of fellow’s addresses. I often wondered where they all went too.

Things in India arn’t [sic] so bad though. We get all the cigarettes and tobacco we need, we usually get a ration of American beer each week, besides, gum, candy, toilet articles, and magazines. We’ve seen several U.S.O. shows direct from the States, including Jack Benny and his cast. Every so often we see an all G.I. show, which really are good. We have several short wave radios and we get broadcasts from the United States, England, Italy, South America, and dear old Japan, (all propaganda).

In closing I would like to say to the members of the B.S.C. that you have my heartiest congratulations on the work you are doing for the fellows in the Armed Forces. You’re doing a fine job, keep up the good work. I know all the boys appreciate your work. The best of luck to you.

Eugene B. Bromberg ‘44

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