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Somewhere in Germany
8 April 1945

Dear Friends,

Spring is here and we are enjoying some good sunny weather which makes all the difference in the world to a Fighter Group. We do love good clear, sunny days, then 'ol Adolph really knows we're around.

The war news sounds swell doesn't it? The way the boys are pushing into Germany, anything can happen now. All we can do is keep on plugging and count off each day as one day nearer VE day.

There isn't much around here for excitement outside of the movies, then some of those shows aren't too hot. But with each day getting longer, the softball games will start along with other outdoor recreations, the business of war permitting of course.

We have a nice area here in the fatherland. Very picturesque except for some of the outlying areas. But after all you can't expect to find things in the pink of condition, which the Heinies are finding out.

Since I started my tour of the old world, I haven't run across one Bryant Alumnus outside of myself. I think it very odd and can't seem to figure it out. Maybe I just don't go to the right places. I know we have them all over the world, but I still have hopes. Maybe after this mess is over we could get together in Paris or some other place and throw a celebration.

I was glad to get your recent letter telling of all the recent changes around Bryant. I can surely see that things are moving along at an ever increasing pace. Some of the names mentioned were unfamiliar but I recalled a lot of them. I had a clipping from a Providence newspaper recently telling all about Chet Desormeaux's recent adventure and he even got engaged too, didn't he? I know Chet real well and wish him all the luck in the world, as well as all the other lads in the service.

Well as you can see, news is scarce, partly due to censorship, so will close with a good good-bye to you all.

Best of luck and good fortune, always,

Russell W. Brown
Russell W. Brown '39
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