World War II

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Boston, Mass.

9 December, 1942

Bryant College Service Club
Bryant College
Providence, R. I.

Dear Friends,

Thanks a lot for the boxes of cherries. They arrived, as you see, in time for Christmas and in good condition. I enjoyed them a great deal; in fact the whole office enjoyed them. By the time the other fellows in the office got through with them I had only about half a box to myself.

I would like you to know that although I am fairly close to home, through no fault of my own, receiving gifts and knowing that you are remembered means a great deal.

I am fortunate enough to be stationed in the District Office but some times I wish I was seeing some action. Maybe I will some day.

The training I received at Bryant is of great value. It helped me to start off with a rating. At present I am waiting for a promotion. I have taken and passed the second class exam and right now the forms for promotion are in the process of being filled out. I hope to be able to notify you of a change of rating soon. I guess that is enough about me. Thanks again, and keep up the good work.

Very truly yours,

Joseph H. Buerdsell [Transcription ends]