WWII;John L. Champlin

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T/Sgt. J. L. Champlin
A. P. O. #12490
c/o P. M. New York, N. Y.
December 17, 1943

Bryant College Service Club
1 Young Orchard Avenue
Providence, R. I.

Fellow Bryantites:

I know you are interested in what we who ae overseas are doing, but censorship allows us to say but very little. However, I can say that after three years in the tropics I am now stationed somewhere in England. So far, I've met one other Bryantite, T/Sgt. Frank Budlong who was in my class ('37).

We are paid in English money and therefore of necessity, had to learn this monetary system in a hurry. Although I was only in the U. S. a little over two months before coming overseas again I saw the rationing in the Middle-West and the East and it can't begin to compare with that over here. Even in the Army we are rationed to 7 pks. of cigarettes, 2 bars of candy, one pkg. of cookies, 1 bar of soap, 2 boxes of matches, 2 razor blades, and 1 pkg of gum a week, if it is available. We save, and do get the Stars & Stripes (Army newspaper) every day and the Yank once a week.

Please let me know what the cirriculum [sic] and tuition are for the 2-year accounting course are [sic]. Thanking you for this, I remain, Respectfully yours

T/Sgt. John L. Champlin
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