Alfred Cole


World War II;Camp Breckinridge, Kentucky

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May 23, 1943

Hello Bryant,

Guess it’s ‘bout time you folks heard from a Bryant Alumnus down here in “Kentuck”. I have been meaning to write my thanks for the very welcome gifts for some time but have been kept very busy.

During the present phase of our training we spend very little time here in garrison. For weeks our bunks have been any grassy spot where we happen to be when night comes. Of course in the field you are on duty twenty four hours a day so that there is very little time to write letters.

The few days we are back in Camp are taken up by classes in communications and cryptography. This last week I completely reorganized the system of handling messages and paper between headquarters in garrison. Basing it mainly on sound old Accounting principles, we now have a signature for every paper transferred between headquarters as well as time of receipt and dispach [sic]. My own section was decreased by two men but uplacement [sic] was made by assignment of two W A A C’s so the work seems more intriguing to my men.

I still hear from several of my class friends but as they are sent further away the letters get fewer and fewer. It is the timely letter from you folks back on the hill that keeps me up on the news of the Bryant gang.

When this war is won maybe the Class of ’41 can have a reunion to make up for all we’ve missed.

Loads of thanks for your letters and gifts. It is swell to be remembered by friends.

Alfred Cole [Transcription ends]