World War II;Africa;Miss Krupa;laura Simmonds;class of 1936

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Sgt. C.W. Congdon, 31059536
Hq. Hq. Sq., 316th Serv. Grp.
New York City, New York
No. Africa
November 25, 1943

Bryant Service Club
2 Young Orchard Avenue
Providence, Rhode Island.
U. S. A.

Dear Friends,

I want to thank you for your nice letter of Nov. 8th, and I really enjoyed reading about Bryant. I did not know but a very few of the people you mentioned in your letter because I was in the class of ’36 and did not have the opportunity to get back to Bryant and meet the new people that came in. I hope that I will soon be home and when I do, you can bet I will be up to Bryant to see the gang. I would appreciate it, if you could find out what some of my pals in the class of ’36 are now doing, and write and tell me. Could you do that?

Well so much for that: I am fine and doing my work in the best way I know how and feel sure the war will be over shortly. I have been overseas a year now and have seen some very interesting sights here. The cold weather and rainy season is just about to begin and if anyone had ever told me before I came overhere [sic] that it got cold in Africa, I would have said “your crazy[”]. But believe it, it does get cold here. I did not know that Miss Krupa had got married but I was very glad to find out. I don not have much time to write these days and so I think you will all forgive [me] for not writing any oftener than I do. I want to wish you all a Merry Christmas too and hope next year I will be home.

So far I haven’t run into any of myclass [sic] mates overhere [sic] but perhaps before it is over, I will. I do however hear from Laura Simmonds quite often and she keeps me posted pretty well on what is going on at Bryant and Little Rhodey. most of the people overhere [sic] treat the American Soldiers very well, but like anyplace in the world there are a few who don’t.

So long for now and write again when you can. I sure enjoy reading about the old Alma Mater. Again a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. You are doing a swell job at home and keep it up. Youre’s [sic] in victory.

Sgt. Gardiner W. Congdon [Transcription ends]