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Somewhere in Italy:
14 December, 1944

Bryant Service Club:

Dear Gang:

I received your lovely Christmas package and I was very much pleased with it and wish to thank you all for your kindness. One of the first things I will do when I get home is to go and see Bryant and possibly meet some of my old friends. I received a letter from the Service Club sometime ago and I have been meaning to answer it but something always seems to come up, but I mad up my mind that this would be the time to write. I will enclose my correct address at the bottom of this letter.

I wish you would pass on my best wishes to all the gang, and especially to the class of 36. I have recently been promoted. As for myself I am fine and have done considerably traveling since I entered the service. One of my most enjoyable trips was to Rome, where I had the opportunity and good fortune of seeing the Vatican and the Pope. I was wondering if you were still publishing the Bulletin which I used to receive once in a while when I was in Africa. If you are I would appreciate it, if you would put me on the distribution list. I enjoyed reading it very much and would like to get it again. The weather gets pretty miserable around here at times, but I guess we can take for a little while longer. I sure hope to get home one of these days and have now over 2 years on foreign soil.

Well its chow time now so I will have to close and do hope I shall hear from you soon and I will try and answer your letters promptly in the future. Wishing you all the best of luck and again thanks for the gift.

My Correct Address is:

S/Sgt. G. W. Congdon, 31059556
Hq. Hq. Sq., 316th Serv. Grp.
APO #650, c/o Postmaster
New York City, New York

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