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United States Army

Somewhere in Africa
April 4th 1943
Sunday Nite

Dear Members, - Bryant Service Club,

Welcomed your nice letter at yesterday morning’s “mail-call”. Was more than glad to hear from the “student body”, now furthering their education at Bryant College. Thanks a million.

Feel as though I know each + everyone of you, your characteristics, your hobbies, yes, even the little things that happen to you, as you pass from class to class each day. This may sound somewhat fantastic’s. I suppose it is when the “chips are down”, but yet, the “class” of today at Bryant is just my “class: of yesterday ; “all” swell + regular girls + boys. That’s my starry introduction to each + everyone of you, to say “thanks” for your thoughtfulness. Now, that I am at least [?] I know all of you, hope I have convinced you, will attempt to continue on. I say attempt, for corresponding, although I have become very familiar with the “word”, since entering the Army, still remains a big obstacle for me to hurdle. As you say in your letter, “Take your little fountain pen in hand NOW + drop a few interesting lines”. Have now been carrying out per instructions for the last few minutes, except for the word “interesting” perhaps, but if my letter is too bad, please file away, + when I say away, + when I say away, I mean far, far, away, O.K.?

Before I write another word, may I at this time “thank you” for the Xmas Gift of Smokes. No – I’m not going to try to wiggle out of it, + say, “Intended to write before”, “Blame it on the Army”, etc. although maybe my traveling since welcoming your gift has made less time for correspondence etc. My #1 correspondent is my sister (when little time for writing), and I have in several of my letters to her mentioned your kind act, with the request that she might possibly know of a student, from my home town of North Attleboro, attending Bryant College, + to thank you, through channels. I take it, this did not happen. Sorry I hope to have wiggled out of it by now, plead nolo, + the verdict is “not guilty”. How about it students?

Your letter-, Was sure glad to hear, that it would be Major Lee soon. Always remember his saying “Classify yourself” and also cigar, “a good cigar” verdict. He sure was a swell guy, + if my hearing is O.K. just heard you say, “Is still a swell fellow”. By the way, please remember me to Mr. Gulski. Right beside Henry Lee in my book, don’t you agree? Had to be a three letter word “YES”, or you would be kidding me. Correct? [?] myself-, I am feeling fine, + everything O.K. my “duties” for the most part is paper work” now. Before that, was in Communications. Get to know a little about everything. “Army Life” still not half bad, but don’t take me wrong, no “thirty year man” for me.

Well students, remember I still claim I know you “all” personally, and as it is nearly time for me to retire to my pup tent, to get “under the covers”, + comfort myself on my “Simmons Mattress” of straw, I dram to a close this letter, saying “thanks” + Good-Nite to you, you, + you.

Henry T. Connors
“Class of 1935”