World War II;Camp Barkeley, Texas; 23rd Quartermaster Truck Regiment;Adjutant General's School;Fort Washington, Maryland

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Camp Barkeley, Texas
17 May 1943

Dear Miss Blaney,

I have just written to Dr. Jacobs asking him to write a letter of recommendation for me as I have just made application to attend the Adjutant General’s School at Fort Washington, Maryland. Since I have not yet answered your letter nor thanked the Bryant Service Club for the cigarettes which I have received and smoked, I thought that it was about time that I took care of my obligations.

The BSC should be proud as a new father of the very fine job that they are doing. It makes a feller stick out his chest as he replies to the many questions he is asked about the package which he ahs just received “that package is a carton of cigarettes send to me by my Alma Mater.” The BSC has a right to stick out its chest, too.

As you can see, we are back from maneuvers down in Louisiana and are now at our home station. The weather here is getting very hot and when I say hot I mean hot in the real sense of the work. Every night I feel as though I had just been to a Turkish Bath. The evenings, however, are very cool and conducive to a good night’s sleep if we are lucky enough to retire early. I have not been one of the fortunate ones.

We are still as busy as bees and I did not leave this office until two o’clock this morning. It goes on like that for weeks and then one night, Praise Allah, imagine! I get the opportunity to depart this headquarters at about eleven o’clock.

This is not one of my eleven o’clock nights, Miss Blaney, but I did want to say hello again. I have had to change typewriters three times, so please excuse the different shades which you find in this letter.

Say hello to all my friends at Bryant for me please and inform them that if I don’t write, I at least think of them often.

When I arise for Reveille this morning, I will have had two and one half hours of sleep. That will give you and idea of how late we work in this headquarters.

Top of the morning to you.

Nick Coracci [Transcription ends]