World War II


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Office of the Commanding General

Fort Sam Houston, Texas
30 December, 1943

SUBJECT: Receipt of Gift

TO : Bryant Service Club, Bryant College, Providence, Rhode Island

1. Greetings and Good Wishes for the New Year!

2. I am very sorry that I have to be tardy in acknowledging receipt of your gift package of cigarettes. I am sure, however, that you will forgive me as you know our time is not our own.

3. How are all my good friends at Bryant? I should like to take this opportunity to wish them all a Very Happy New Year. I should be very grateful to you if you would extend my wishes for the New Year to all the boys (and the girls) in the Services in your next Bryant Service Club Letter.

4. It is a beautiful day in San Antonio--just like one of those New England spring days. In spite of the wonderful weather here in Texas, I will be very happy to return to New England.

5. Those of you who were at Bryant when Professor Doug Hammond was there will be interested in knowing that he and I had dinner together on many occasions when he was stationed at Randolph Field which is not far from San Antonio. We enjoyed talking about the “good ole days” at Bryant. (Were your ears burning?) By the way, the steaks we consumed were delicious. (Are you mouths watering?) That was mean, but I could not help it--it just slipped out.

6. Au revoir and thank you very much for remembering me. I really enjoy hearing from you as it keeps me posted on what happens at Bryant.

Nicholas C. Coracci, 31274182
Sgt, Hq Det, Third Army
Fort Sam Houston, Texas
G-3 Section [Transcription ends]