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369th Technical School Squadron
Scott Field, Illinois


Mr. Harold Ripley,
Director of Placements,
Bryant College,
Providence, RI.

Dear Mr. Ripley,

You remember me don’t you? I am writing to get a little help from you regarding the 1943 Ledger.

That Ledger is of great interest to me and I would certainly hate to miss it. Perhaps you can investigate the situation and see that the proper person gets my request for a copy of it.

Incidentally, William Bento, who is here, too, mentioned to me that he was wondering about it.

Whatever help you can give me will be appreciated. Just have it, and any cost or charges, sent direct to me at my Scott Field address.

Thanks a lot.

Yours sincerely,
Phil Cornell

PFC Philip R. Cornell
ASN 311291104
369th TSS, Bks. 202
Scott Field, Ill.

[Transcription ends]