WWII;Cornelius E. Corrigan

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M/Sgt C. E. Corrigan-31173833
89th Fin Dis Spc - APO 657
5 PM. New York, N. Y.
18 Jan 1945

Bryant Service Club
Bryant College
Providence, R. I.
U. S. A.

To the Bryant Service Club:

Yesterday, 17 January, I was pleasantly surprised to receive a lovely box of candy from you and I do want to express my sincere thanks as well as my sincere appreciation for the thoughtfulness of the Club in remembering me.

It seems a long time since I last heard from the Bryant Service Club and I guess the last time that I did I was back in the States.

Since leaving the United States, I was stationed in England for a period of about five months and saw a great deal of the English countryside. We were stationed in a place called Woolacombe, which was in a great many respects a replica of Narragansett Pier. the weather there, even in the summertime was quite cold and on days when we thought it was cold, the folks living there were in bathing, so it seems they are more hardened to cold weather than we are back home.

I have been in France for the last four months and have seen a great many parts of this country. It is very interesting to see the sights and customs of the folks over here and I hope that when I get back home to have a little opportunity to drop over to see the members of the Brynat [sic] Club and tell them some of the things which I am sure will be of interest to them.

I hope that if the Club issues any data on former members of the college that they will place me on the mailing list for I would appreciate hearing of and reading about the members who are in the Service.

With my sincere thanks, I am

C. E. Corrigan
Bryant 1926
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