World War II;Signal Corps


[Transcription begins]

Co. A - Prov SAWBn
c/o 3rd Air Defense Wing
APO #525 c/o P.M.
New York, N.Y.
August 13, 1943

Greetings from Sunny Sicily,

I was pleased to receive your letter of July 20. I haven’t learned the contents of that clipping reporting me “safe” as yet so don’t know how much of my adventure you know about. To make a long story short I was held prisoner on an island by 7 Germans for 3 weeks. They treated me very good and shared their meager food supply with me. They left me on the island when they left and I was picked up later by a British motor launch. During my captivity I got a very badly infected right foot which kept me in the hospital for 2½ weeks. I’m back with my unit now and my foot is coming along fine. I have my medical orderly dress it daily and it should be back to normal in a few weeks.

Before leaving Africa I stopped in at a finance office and met Tony Talarico. His brother Gene and I were classmates at Bryant and he and my brother Walt were too. Gene received his commission in the Signal Corps. And last Tony heard from him he was at a post of embarkation. So you see it’s a small world after all.

I was surprised to learn that Betty Neilan brought in the clipping. Guess I’m getting old! It just seems a few months ago when she and another “kid” used to watch us play softball.

Glad to hear that Miss “one, two, three, space” Krupa is now Mrs. Costa and a proud mama. I often thought that she and Mrs. Messer would make good drill sergeants in the Waacs. I know Mrs. Messer has the patience of Job as she tried to teach me typing. To teach a bunch of girls to drill will require about the same amount I figure.

Thanks just the same but there isn’t anything I need as Uncle Sam provides us with about everything.

Well, so long and keep grinning. Wes Crawley [Transcription ends]