WWII;J. Emery Babe D'Auteuil;Ben J. Skuda;Ray Smith

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Jan 4

Dear members,

Your newsy letter and your thoughtful gift both reached me in time for Christmas. A million thanks--in fact, your box of sweets was the only one among my gifts.

A great deal has happened since you last heard from me. First, I was promoted to Lt (jg) last May. I left San Juan June 14 for the Pacific & I have been here ever since. However, I am expecting leave in Feb. or Mar. Will try to stop in. I'm sorry I can't tell you about my work, but it's interesting & I like it. I now have my own bomber, a crew of 8 and 2 co-pilots. I've named it "The Bad Penny." Though I've never run across classmates in my travels, I hear frequently from Ben Scuda, Jimmy Erlin & Ray Smith.

My best regards to the Bryant Service Club, Bryant's administrative staff and particularly to Mr. Naylor and Mr. Richards.


Lt (jg) J. E. D'Auteuil
Patrol Squadron 207
c/o Fleet P. O.
New York, N. Y.
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