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My dear Friends:

Thank you for the “Social Treat Recreation Kit” you have sent to me. Here, I’ve been away from Bryant for four whole years. Just think of it. Right now you make me feel as though I have not been forgotten. That simple feeling you give me makes me feel happy & great.

You may be sure that I think that you are doing well in your social work toward the Bryant Graduates in the armed forces. Your social deed surely helped a very good friend indeed.

I shall be leaving for overseas duty in a very short time. You may expect a notice of the change of address as soon as I receive the notice myself. We are doing great in winning this war. Let’s hope that my Martin Marauder (B26C) & myself may help a big bit to pound the axis into submission.

Sincerely yours,
Chester W. Desormeaux ‘39

P. S. Right Now a Bombardier-Navigator-Gunner
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