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Dearest Dottie,

Gosh hon, I wish you were here to keep me warm. There’s no heat in this damned barracks and I’m freezing to death. I[t] must be forty below outside, and about fifty below in here. There’s something wrong with the hairy furnace. I guess I’ll just have to go down and fix it, or should I?

Sorry I didn’t write last night, hon, but I planned to after the show, and it wasn’t over until after taps. As you know I saw “Thirty Seconds Over Tokyo” it was wonderful. You ought to see it hon, it seemed to have a lot to do with us, angel, only I hope we have a happier ending than that.

The weather has been lousey [sic] today, it’s been snowing off and on all day, and cold as hell. I didn’t fly today, but got in two hours of solo formation yesterday.

How can I talk about the weather when I’m writing to you? Gosh I love you darling, if I could only tell or show you how much. Frank Sinatra is singing “Night & Day” now. Gosh I wish you were here, I’m cold, and very lonely. Just like Frankie says, hon, I think of you Day and Night. The time we’re apart seems like an eternity to me. I just can’t seem to see enough of you. You’re so wonderful to be with. Every weekend I seem to find something new about you that makes me love you even more than before. You’re just too marvelous, darling. Too wonderful, too glamorous, and that old standby—amorous; to be true. Hmm—that line sound[s] familiar to me, but no matter who I stole it from it’s the truth;—the way I feel about you darling,—I love you: That’s the easiest way to explain it I guess.

What do you want to do this weekend, darling? Would you like to go to the Meadowbrook again? Freddie Slack is there. He’s pretty good, do you like him, hon? If you want to go, could you call for reservations for four? Steve is coming down for Saturday night, but he’s going back to the Field Sunday morning I think. I can talk to you Thursday about it sweetheart. There’s some lousey [sic] rumor monger around here sayin’ that we’re going to fly this weekend. Maybe we’ll have to, gosh I hope not, we’ve got such little time left, darling: but you can’t argue with the Army. Pray for good weather this week. I’m going to predict snow every night so it will be clear all week.

So my darling, until I see you again, remember that I love you very much and think of you constantly. Angel;—you’re the only girl I ever really loved and will always love.

You have

All my love—
[Transcription ends]