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Teusday [sic]


My Darling,

Honey I’m so damned disgusted, we’ll never be able to make any plans I don’t know from one minute to the other what’s happening when, where, or how. Gosh I wanted to be with you Easter Sunday. To be able to spend a whole day with you would be wonderful. It’s awful honey, I want to be with you so much and yet I want to get through with this training so I can get over there and get back as quick as possible. Honey don’t try to talk me out of wanting to go overseas because you can’t. It may seem strange to you but I’m going to do my damndest [sic] to get over there so I can get back here quicker and we can start some sort of a normal life together. So far it’s been pretty abnormal, a little too much so I think. Honey, we’re not even leading a normal abnormal life together; - we’re not even together. And now if they don’t send us home until Sunday after telling us we’d go home Saturday for sure, that will top it off. God damn it I’m P.O.’d. I’d like to get stinkin’ tonight.

Well anyhow my gunnery has been better. I got 177 hits today, the best score in the squadron. I just hope it’s not luck and I can keep it up. We’re firing for record sometime this week and that’s the score that goes on my form 5, (the one they look at when it comes to handing out nice juicey [sic] assignments.) I wish they’d take our highest score ‘cause 177 hits, the way they score us, is about 185% and all we need to qualify is 30% or about 27 hits. Well keep your fingers crossed baby and wish me luck, you sure have given it to me so far.

I haven’t heard from Steve he doesn’t know when I am. I’m going to drop him a line though. I think he’s in a pool at Moody Field.

Tom’s not worried about his glasses. He’s glad you didn’t send them since the mail situation is so screwed up.

Honey that regulation you told me about doesn’t apply to us while we’re students at T.T.U. But all the married ones live off the post anyhow, it’s o.k. as long as we pay for our room in the B.O.Q. I mean they just don’t say anything about it.

I don’t see how those fellows are going to have their wifes down here, we’re restricted all the time we’re here, maybe they know somebody. Even if I could have gotten off the post every night there’d be no way to get to you, there’s no transportation here at all.

I’m glad you like the Officer’s Club, it’s pretty dumpy compared to some of the ones I’ve seen though. The one at Spence was terrific, decorated just like Astor Bar. It was really nice, I was there once with my instructor.

Are you going to move to the front room? We can oil the bed, or maybe sleep on the floor. I’ll get you a footlocker at Craig if they have any. Why don’t you get one at the P.X.? I’m glad you sent for your radio, I was going to ask you to. I mailed you the letter you Mom mailed to us. I hope you didn’t mind me opening it.

I hope I can be back by Saturday, and early enough to go to the dance at the club. That sounds swell to me honey.

Stop dreaming about having babies will you? Those are bad dreams for the time being anyhow, the “time being” meaning the duration.

I’ll call you Friday around five baby, Gosh I hope we leave Saturday. I love you angel, with all my heart. Take care of yourself and don’t gain too much weight. I love you.

I’ll love you always- Yours devotedly


P.S. - Please excuse this scrawl, I’m writing on my sack. I love you.

[Translation ends]