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Personal Letter


[Translation begins]

Monday night I developed a fever of about 100, as was the case of most of us, and was feeling pretty low. Boy how I wished for you then Hon, I got my first taste of homesickness, otherwise I’ve been fine. This schedule here doesn’t allow you to think of anything but the army.

(Pardon the interruption, had to go get some toilet paper) (Also walk to the day room).

Today we got more P.T. and drill, and this evening we have to get our pay books and sign up for insurance, ($10,000), and bonds. I am giving $12.50 a month for bonds, that will give me a $50 bond every three months.

As I was leaving the 1126 group hdqtrs. I was nabbed for a detail to sweep and mop the 301st wing Hdqtrs. That took about 40 minutes, some fun eh kid?

The room I’m in now, (the day room), is for our use. It has ping pong tables in it and soft maple furniture, also a Coca-Cola machine and radio. I received your letter today and am glad to know you’re sending me my robe, I’ll probably have it by the time you get this, I sure need it. I think I’m running out of ink, will have to go get some.

Got a letter from Judy.

Well, now I’m back at the Barracks with more ink.

As I was saying, I got a letter from Judy today and I’m going to answer it presently.

I think we move again tomorrow to another barracks, we do almost as much movin’ as [?] Almost.

I think I have the same Coporal [sic] as Ace had. Coporal [sic] Farrara, ask Bobby if that’s him.

We’ve got a new C.O. here, Brigadier General Francis F. Brady. A general no less. I saw him the other day, and I gave him one of the snappiest salutes I ever remembered. The officers here are really swell, but you can easily differentiate between those that moved up through the ranks and the so-called “ninety day wonders”.

Write as much as you can sweetheart, for you can never know how much a letter means when you’re so far away from the person you love more than anyone in the world, tell Bobby and Nanny to write, also.

Send love to them and theirs and an infinitous [sic] amount to you, my dear mother, I miss you and love you, angel.


P.S. - Send me ace’s address please.


[Translation ends]