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Sunday Morning


How are ya! Good to see ya old kid! Sound familiar? Well here I am on my first day off, just loafing around, boy and it’s swell. I’m in the day room now. This is really a swell day room, better than our other one. There’s a pool table here. Also a piano! Yesterday we had a real tough physical exam. I have to go back for a recheck on my depth perception, it’s not to hot. But don’t worry hon, I’ll pass it. I’ve been practicing and exercising my eyes. A fellow here loaned me a machine to help me. The test is to line up two sticks in a box about 25’ away, i.e.:


By pulling on the strings I’m supposed to line the sticks up side by side. It’s not easy, but I’ll do it. They give me several chances, and if I can’t they’ll send me to an eye doctor who will help me.

I haven’t been to town yet because of my retest Monday, I’m trying to save my eyes. Will probably go today.

We had our first real personal and barracks inspection Friday. The personal inspection we had to fall in at 1300 with our class A’s on and stand at attention while a first louie inspected us for shined shoes, clean shave, pressed uniforms, and haircuts. By the way I got a hair cut and it’s not so bad, just sort of a close trim around the sides. As I probably told you, I took a classification test Tuesday, I think it was Tuesday. You can’t keep track here. Well anyhow, it was a test to classify us in the air corps in case we wash out of the cadets. I was classified as a gunner mechanic, gunner radioman, or a gunner crew chief. But if I do wash out, or can’t pass that test Monday I’m going to try for Aerial Photography, but I won’t wash out, don’t worry. I just can’t hon, pray for me like hell. Got Bobby’s letter yesterday along with yours.

I’m going to write her now. I love you, angel, with all my heart. Take good care of your sweet self and my sisters and nephews. All my love to all.


[Translation ends]