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Dear Mom:

Boy, what a day. It’s hot as the devil here. It must be above 80°. The sky is clear as a bell. I slept all day today as I had K.P. all last night from 1900 to 0700 this morning. It was pretty tough, but worth it, as I had today off. I also didn’t have to stand retreat tonight.

I just came back from the post office where I mailed my clothes, finally. I’m enclosing some more papers for my scrapbook.

Well tomorrow’s my 28th day, and rumors have it that we’re going on the alert Monday. That would be terrific.

I got a five page letter from Louella Crocker yesterday. That was quite a surprise. Whatever prompted her to write me?

I’m sorry to hear that Beggie isn’t so good, but it’s probably just a small relapse, don’t worry about it honey. I glad to hear that sweet little Ricky is better. He must be awful big now. I’d love to see him. I bet Ken is growing fast, too.

Our training is getting pretty boring now. We’ve had everything that basic has to offer, and our classes on rifles, etc. our getting repetitious. The latest thing we had is extended order drill with pieces. That is drill is squads of twelve pertaining to the battlefield, where we run along, crouched down and them we spread and fall on our bellies and pretend to fire at the enemy. It is all done by signals from the squad leader who is the first man in the column. It’s quite interesting but falling on the hard, cold clay of the drill field isn’t very pleasant.

One of the fellows just opened a box of candy, will have to get some. Uumm, good. I sure have eaten alot [sic] of sweets since I’ve been in the army. That’s something our boys will never miss.

Well hon, I guess I’ll sign off for chow now. Take care of yourself, and give my love to everyone at home. I love you,

As always


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