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Dear Mom:

I just finished a letter to Miss Nisar, thanking her for the sweater. This afternoon I went to see Olsen & Johnson’s “Crazy House.” It was very entertaining. I think I’ll see “The Iron major” tonight, with Pat O’Brien. You know me and movies. I can’t’ get enough of them.

So you’re shoving off for Texas soon, eh? I bet Beggie is thrilled. I think the trip will do you both good, although I don’t like the idea of you taking it alone, honey. You rest up and take it easy for now it’s going to be a hell of a strain on you.

I have started what is called my advanced basic. I am starting classes in more advanced subjects such as map reading, astronomy, etc. These are also something new.

Last night Kenny and I went to town and had some beer and wine. We tried to get merry, but you could drink the stuff they sell here all night and not feel it. I’d give my left censored for a stiff drink of “carstairs” right now. The evening was quite uneventful. Andre Costeloutetz, Costelonets, Costalonetz, how the hell do you spell that? Well anyhow he just went on the air, I wonder if you’re listening. I’m in the dayroom and there’s a radio here. He sure makes me think of you angel, you like him so.

I’ve been assigned to some special work here, honey. I can’t tell you what it is, but I’m very proud of being appointed to the job. Please ask no questions hon, and don’t worry it’s not dangerous. Ha-ha, I sound pretty big don’t I? But I am proud of it. It doesn’t affect my status as a P.A.C. at all, either. I think it’s best if you tell no one about it.

I got your package this morning. Well all I can say is … Thank you. I’ve tasted cookies before, but none like these, they’re terrific. The fellas are all crazy about them too, we all want more! But don’t put yourself to the trouble, sweetheart, as I said before, you rest up. Thank bobby for the cigs. She was awfully sweet.

What a meal we had today. The most gorgeous pork chops you ever tasted, applesauce, carrots, sweet potatoes, celery and apple salad, beans and ice cream. I can just imagine what out thanksgiving dinner will be like. You ought to try making a salad they serve here now and then. Take raw carrots and shave them, then mix them with raisins that have been soaked awhile in water. It’s quite good, you might try it on the poker gals.

Well it’s getting’ late honey, so give my love to everyone, and a special amount to you and my darling. So long, sweetheart, I love you. Thanks again for the cookies, and candy and to Bob for the cigs.

As ever


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