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Sunday 1145

Dearest Mom:

Well another week gone, I’m in my 40th day of training. If everything goes well I should be on the alert this week sometime. No news as to my classification yet. One fellow in my barracks has been made a bombardier navigator. It’s the fellows that have special cases that are notified also the washouts. If you pass and nothing special arises, you are told nothing, so no news is good news.

A fellow in the next barracks is under observation for Scarlet Fever. If he has it his whole Barracks will be quarantined for 28 days. If one more fellow gets it, the whole squadron will be quarantined. Boy wouldn’t that be nice? Like hell! We’d never get out of this dump then.

Is it hot in Texas? It sure is warm here. Yesterday I sweated like the devil. It’s going to be warm today, also.

I saw “Guadalcanal Diary” Friday night. It was superb. You should see it. I think I’ll go to town this P.M. and see “For Whom the Bell Tolls.” The pass system has changed. We can only get out every fourth day. Now today we have a pass and Thursday will be our next chance, then Monday, etc. It’s worked by groups.

I think I’ll go eat now. I’ll see you later, angel.

Boy what a meal. Fried chicken, sweet potatoes, creamed corn, chicken soup, and ice cream. Really something eh?

Bob Colletti is in camp, he got here with a shipment about 2 weeks ago. They went to Fort Dix for their processing. Also some of their group went to Miami. He’s coming over at 1300, it’ll be good to see a familiar face.

Well hon, that’s all the dirt. Give me some idea what you want for Christmas, beautiful. I love you. Give my love to everyone.


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