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Wednsday [sic]


Dear Mom,

The time is flying once more. I’m so busy at this place that the day passes like an hour. When sack time comes, it really feels good.

It’s been raining felines and Kanines [sic] down here all day. The Mississippi is higher than it has been for 12 years.

I got a letter from Ace yesterday. Gee, it’s tough he was sent to Pre-flight at San Antonio. I’m in his same class, 45-A. That means we’ll both get our wings in January ’45, I hope! I finally caught up to him!

These classes are really on the ball, but they’re tough. In A.I. we have to spot a plane in 1/25th of a second! And that damned code. Boy that’s a killer. We use the sound system. We’re supposed to know every letter by it’s sound, not the specific number of dots and dashes in it. For instance B is dah-di-di-dit, not dash, dot, dot, dot. All it required is practice, they tell me. The other subjects are quite interesting and not too hard. Today in Malaria Indoctrination we were shown a Walt Disney cartoon showing how to prevent the disease. You would have enjoyed it; the seven dwarfs were in it, Dopey and all.

I had P.T. yesterday. We go to a huge area outside of camp and take it en masse. It’s fascinating to see all the men doing the exercises together. I got a little sunburn as we took our shirts off. I’m going to be tan as a nigger.

Well honey, lights out. I love you. Give Nan + Bob all my love, and tell then I’ll write when I get time. Goodnight Sweetheart.

Your Son


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