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Dear Mom,

It’s raining today, for a change. I took a T-64 today and passed O.K. Thank goodness. They caught a few of the fellows on eyesight + depth perception. What a character one of the officer’s was. He was a captain in charge of testical inspections. He was rough as hell the way he handled your balls, and if you laughed, or curled up your toes he put you in another line and kept calling you up until you didn’t flinch. There were three of us that laughed I was one. And every time he inspected you he got rougher. Well, it took me four times but I finally didn’t laugh. I don’t like those doctors fartin’ around with my balls!

Thanks ever-so-much for the much needed hangers, honey, they were a life saver. Thank the gals for the candy and cigs, and for the cake honey. Everyone enjoyed it.

We had another parade yesterday, and there was one scheduled for today, but the rain put the damper on that.

Thank goodness.

My studies are going fine. I have a check in code tomorrow, but that doesn’t bother me. I’ve caught on to it. I finished the alphabet today and I can take six words a minute already.

The P.T. here isn’t as tough as it was a Catawba. Yesterday we ran about two miles on the post, sat down for 20 minutes, then ran back. Harry that’s just a jaunt compared to what I’m used to.

I’m glad to here [sic] that Charlie is o.k. I got a letter from Dud yesterday he’s still overseas but I don’t think he’s across the pond, by his letters he must be in Panama, the West Indies or So. Americas since he mentions crumby woman and flat beer.

How’s Judy? And the rest of the Fullers. Where is Jean? And Jimmy? Give my love to all of them. And all the love in the world to you my sweet mother, I love you and long to see you.

Your Son


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