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Dear Mom,

Another week. One more and I’ll be an upperclassman. There was a dance last night. Quite an affair. There were about 4000 cadets there and about 200 girls, you know one of these all-mail affairs! Before the so-called dance last night I saw “Up In Mabel’s Room,” with Dug. It’s terrific. Funny as hell.

Speaking of laughing, here’s a good joke for you:

The other day I was driving down the street with my girl when the car broke down, naturally I got out and got under and started tinkerin’ around. Well after about a half hour of this Dixie Lee, my girl, says “Hon wha’ is yo’all doin dow there?” which means “What are you doing down there?” “Trying to fix this hairy car,” was my angry reply supplemented with, “if you think you can do better, come on down!” So down she came.

Well, it was warm that day and there she was lying next to me, close and warm. I guess I got a little ardorous.

Presently a cop came up to us and said, “Suh, what is yo’all doin’ under there?” “Fixing the car” I answered. “Well suh, there are three reasons why I’ll say yo ain’t fixin’ yo car, fust yo toes are pointin’ down! Second, there are 300 people watchin’ ya, and third, somebody’s run off with yo car!”

You know, these people in Montgomery are very strange. In town the other day I saw a sign that said, “O’Chanessy’s Tool Works.” I don’t know what the hell the bastard’s braggin’ about, mine does too, but I don’t go puttin’ up signs about it!

Well that’s enough of that.

Everything is fine here honey. There’s not much news except that it’s hellously hot. I thought about you today on Mother’s Day, and tried to call you, but couldn’t get near a phone. I love you honey. Happy Mother’s Day.

Your Son Judd

P.S. Enclosed is name tag + cover for S.B.



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Dear Mom,

Just a short note honey to let you know I’m still pluggin! I’ve no time to write a letter. I’m taking finals in math, A.I., + all the others. Thank Tottie for the Penushe it was swell, everyone loved it. I’ll write her soon. O love you honey.

Your Son Judd

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